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  1. I am currently looking at various area to move to and have some questions about zoning. The first question is how can one investigate the regulations from afar- is there someone to ask for when calling up state, local gov't? Are realtors a good source for information. I am looking for minimal zoning (preferably none at all). where are some areas that are free from such restrictions? thanks to all.
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    Call the local township building in the area you are interested. The secretary should be able to tell you if there is zoning, comphrensive planning, or no zoning. There is no need to give your name or why you are interested.

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    Realtors aren't a reliable source of information on this point. After all, they are selling property not worrying about what the community council has in the works for new businesses etc.

    Contact the county assessor's office and ask where you can get the information. They are the ones who monitor taxes for the area and would be able to point you in the right direction. Another option is to call your city or county clerk and ask. In our area we have places noted as zoned for business or zoned for agriculture, etc. So even in a small town there might be separate sections heavily zoned and un-zoned. If it matters to you, check.
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    Also make sure you specific and going to the right agency. Zoning means differant things to differant people.

    Also make sure you look at all avenues. I look at a house that permitted livestock on the land but local zoning greatly restricted what could be done.

    even if you talk to someone, when you setting on a final place do a more indepth research on the land and zoning. Also keep in mind they can change zoning at any time.
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    call the local town building dept.

    Their are now in effect Federal building codes for all of the US. They just are not being enforced in most states YET. But that will soon change. If you want to get away with a cheap place to live, better do it sooner rather than later.
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    You might also try to contact any local newspaper in that area because they might know of controversies that are brewing, or zoning or other regulations that are in the works that the town folks might not want others to know...