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I did a CSA for a few years. Teamed up with another local grower and she worked to the south of us so delivered those to one location and the people had to pick up there. My group was mostly in a complex where I went once a week and while there, delivered to that location.
By the two of us working together, we could each do some things the other didn't grow...I had blueberries and plums and she did strawberries. Most other stuff we both raised.
As to people being finicky, before the CSA season began, I sent out a list of probable items that we'd grow, and they could mark the ones they absolutely didn't want. Then made cards for each family's bag, so that each week putting the bags together, we'd not give them something they would just waste. Limited it to two items, and when we filled their bags, we'd give them extras of something else.
We also offered full shares, half shares, and an egg share. When things like kale, rhubarb, asparagus were in the bag, we'd put in recipes sometimes to help them use the items if they weren't that familiar with them.
I also wrote a "newsletter" each week telling them what they were getting, and other tidbits from the "farms."
We delivered on Tuesdays...and then I did a farmers market on Saturdays. That way, there was a place to sell excess stuff, plus things that ripened in between Tuesdays then had a venue to use the excess.
Oh, also had a flower share. Sunflowers were always a big hit. I think we only did flowers (at the same time of produce delivery) every other week.
You must like dealing with the public, but the benefit is you meet a lot of interesting people, and if they like your produce, they will recommend it to friends for the following season. You have to keep people happy to insure the following season's participation as most businesses realize it is easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one.
It can be fun if you like retailing and talking to people...and, of course, growing.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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