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I feel increasing competition among CSA and have been wanting to start one myself on my farm but am concerned about the competition. I am trying to make my farm stand out a lot more by emphasizing crops grown sustainably from a net-zero zero-waste farm although I am wondering if this is really a major appeal to the rest of my community. I feel as though a major factor is the distance of the CSA to my local community that makes the biggest difference in the market. Maybe it is the local culture.
This is a poll that was done to assess that factors that influence CSA and after taking it the results are quite telling. The poll can be taken here where you can see the results after.

I am wondering what other people's opinions are on starting up a CSA.
What is small? The farm or the girl??
My boss is quitting in July and moving to his cabin in Maine. He will be opening Bath Ale Works soon thereafter!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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