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First of all, welcome to the forum. It would be nice to see the results without having to take a poll that doesn't show the originator. That's a good way to get on the hook for lots of email advertising and spam, in my opinion.

You'll have to find enough customers to accept your produce each week and keep coming back the next year. Being the exclusive distributor for only one subdivision probably won't be enough.You'll have to offer fresh, straight from the garden(field) vegetables that they will want to prepare and cook, if necessary, each day. They will have to use ALL of them in a week unless they give it or throw any excess away. You'll need to offer it as USDA ORGANIC--no in-between terms or practices----in order to distinguish it from grocery store or run of the mill farmers market stuff. You'll have to offer variety, and offer it earlier, and fresher, and better looking than anything they have ever seen. You'll have to change your vegetables each time you deliver...(oh, no, green beans again....). You will have to offer recipes and suggestions for preparation. You'll have to deal with delivery and a lot of field wastage if you deliver once a week. You'll have to produce both in early and late seasons. And you'll have to be timely.

You'll need to find enough customers who will be loyal and keep supporting you. Your competition will be farmers markets, grocery stores, other CSA's, local restaurants, roadside stands and farms --and the newest trend, fresh food delivered in boxes ready to prepare.

But then, you probably know all this. Best of luck.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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