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Discussion in 'Pigs' started by JA in WA, May 13, 2006.

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    Jul 29, 2005
    Eastern WA
    We're getting our first freezer hog :help: and I don't what to sound like an idiot when the butcher asks how I want it cut. We like bacon so I'll get all I can of that but what about roasts vs. chops and hams vs. steaks, and misc. parts. :shrug:
    We're family of three. Recommendations please?
  2. dezeeuwgoats

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    Jan 12, 2006
    Here's what I order: I order all the chops I can at 3/4 inch thick - I also get my chops in packages of two - reason - thawing ease, as well as drop in dinner guests, it is easy to grab an extra package of two and thaw it quickly. I still end up with some 3lb roasts also. I order all the hams that I can - there's one on each corner of the hog, lol. I usually have them slice those in half - to get twice as many. Reasons: we like ham, the cure is better, and it thaws quicker. I usually have them take some slices off of the ends to use at breakfast time. The bacon I get in big slabs called a 'pork bellie' - I do this so I can sugar cure it myself because I have two children who are nitrate sensative. Nitrate preserves color only, as I understand, and it isn't necessary unless you really care about color. I bring in my own spices for the sausage for the very same reason. I like to get breakfast sausage and italian sausage, but I only ordered breakfast for a long time. (first six hogs)

    I always specifically ask for the fat, if there's any left over after sausage making. I render it for lard and soap making. It's also handy to keep in the freezer if you ever have game you want sausage made out of, or goat, etc. Then you know exactly what went into the fat in your sausage.

    This time I am getting brave (for me) and asked for the head, skin, feet, and organ meats as well. The man who processed my chickens for me knows I raise hogs and would definately barter with me for those things - if I chicken out and don't use them myself.


  3. bill not in oh

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    Jul 27, 2004
    If I get just one pig (I usually have at least one and one half sometimes two):

    2 Hams (get one sliced and one whole if it's more practical for you)
    2 Boston Butt roast
    2 Loin roasts (If I want chops I can cut them off of one of these)
    2 Picnic Shoulder Roasts
    ALL possible bacon
    Spare ribs
    The rest goes into sausage - half hot Italian, half breakfast

    If I get a second:
    I double up on the hams (definitety one sliced and packed two to a package), bacon, loin and shoulder roasts and ribs and the rest into sausage (including a few brats.

    I don't get any of the extraneous parts (head (?), feet, guts) - I won't eat 'em so why bother...

    My processor does an incredible job with smokes and sausage so I load up...
  4. BobK

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    Oct 28, 2004
    Depends on what you like to use the pork for....for instance we like sausage so we dedicate the front shoulders to that....minus the boston butts which we bone and tiefor roasts and we like to use them to make pulled pork or simple roasts.....for the two of us we can get three roasts from each boston butt...but our hogs are butchered at 300+ pounds so they are fairly large...two would be a better guess in your pork chops so I cut both loins to chops.....on the hams we typically take one and have it cured then have a few center cuts taken out leaving two nice ham roasts (some years we have the entire ham cut in slices)...the other ham (fresh not cured) we dedicate 1/2 to sausage and the other to medium size chunks for making pulled pork...can't beat that stuff for BBQ pork sandwiches, tacos, burritos, ect......bacon is always cured and sliced thin and packed in 1 lb packages...I get the spare ribs from all three pigs since I break them into prime cuts after butchering ...they somehow get lost in my freezer......heart, kidneys, tongue, and liver get ground and mixed with flour and cornmeal...baked..cut into cubes and dried for 'gut cookies' which the dogs love dearly!! We're all outta hogs at that point....

    When we make sausage we typically..well almost always grind and freeze as ground pork...pack in two lb packages..then once frozen we can defrost and make it into any kind we feel italian if we're having pizza or pasta.....breakfast sausage....chorizo...or use as fresh gorund pork in meatloaf...we find it is more versatile that least for us anyhow...