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St. Croix Ram about 4 months old, we've had him about 3 weeks.

Has been on alfalfa hay (which I now know is too rich as a primary feed) and sheep pellets every other day or so.

Free choice baking soda and minerals.

Super skiddish since day 1, won't let you go near him. Never talks.

Then, about 3 days ago. He was just standing around in the corner and would let you walk right up on him.

He always had a round belly, though not nearly as big as our finn's belly. Now his round belly has disappeared and he has a visible depression at the back of the belly just under the hip bone, is this the first place a ram loses weight?

Haven't seen him eat or drink anything.

And he won't shut up. Bleating constantly. Sometimes, frail litter whisper bleats. Other times loud deep bleats.

* 104 temperature.
* Eyes good.
* He had soft scours (not runny/watery) when we first got him, but now his poop is fine. Seen him poop a couple of small berries.
* Walks around. Follows one ewe lamb in particular and is always prodding on her and rubbing on her. (He was jumping on her before this started.)
* No runny nose.
* No cough.
* No bad smells.
* No physical sign of injury anywhere other than a raw spot on the upper front leg that scabbed over. We guess it was some sort of bug bite that he chewed on or scratched himself on some corner of wood.

We've been told to throw everything at him, but honestly, we don't like that approach.
We try to run an organic homestead and don't like the idea of treating the wrong problems with unnecessary chemicals.

Tried tums.
Been giving him some beer.
Made electrolyte water for the water pail.

But still haven't seen him eat anything or drink.

Was out at 4am this morning giving him some more beer, taking his temperature, and he was really fighting me, so he does have some energy. But there's definitely something going on, and we don't want to see it get worse.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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