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hey everyone, didn't realize how fast time flies around here. Last time I posted was in February and I was pursuing my Certification for Crime Scene Technician. Well in April I received it graduating with Academic Honors from Kaplan College. Well Kaplan is no longer a has received accreditation to become Kaplan University. Well.....I'm now pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. WOW did I take a bite out of a big bone there or what? Anyway I'm here backing up the threads again. Will be trying to do some more testing but not sure exactly what else I can do with the three chapters I have. Will have to look them over again. And Carla, if you have any more graphics that is needing to be done, just let us know. The wife and I are glad to help out there as well. Talk to everyone later.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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