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Hi everyone,

I recently took on some orphan lambs who were started on yogurtised milk. I understand once they start it is dangerous to switch them back to straight formula.

Im more than happy to continue with this as it severely reduces the risk of bloat.

however, I stupidly stuffed up the instructions. I successfully yogurtised the milk overnight but failed to add the extra 2 litres of water at the end. Resulting in a concentrated mix.

I didn’t realise my mistake until 3 feeds later and had 2 scouring lambs.

I’m so frustrated at myself. I’ve corrected the ratio for all future feeds. I have electrolytes and d-scour on hand.

usually I’d alternate feeds with electrolytes for scouring lambs but I’m wondering if I should do so for the next day to reduce scours and adjust back to the correct milk?
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