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yearling down

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I have a yearling doe down and don't know what the problem is.She didn't eat yesterday morning but just hung around with the other yearlings.When I got home yesterday,she did not come in with the others.I found her laying down and she felt cold.I put her up and gave her 2cc of penicellin.She wouldn't try to get up.This morning ,her head is turned back and she is not trying to straighten it out.She has no color in her eye lids.She was wormed a couple months ago with the rest of the herd.I gave her another 2cc of penicellin,that is about all I have to give her.Any ideas to get her on her way up????
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Dale, so sorry to hear about your doe. I lost a doe this way. Many times they fold their head when they are about to die. It is really sad. The last thing, stretched out, is usually from laying on their side and making a running motion with their feet. I'd make a habit of checking eyelids and gums. One good idea is to learn to do your own fecals....something I have on my list of things to do. Once she was down, there probably wasn't much you could do. Don't beat yourself up about it. I've read that some people are having trouble with Barber Pole Worm and it is becoming resistant to the chemical dewormers. Also, we found out our problem was from whipworm and lungworm. It really helps to know what is going on. The lungworm was causing parasitic pneumonia plus severe anemia. I had a necropsy done to find out this info. I'd consider doing that if I were you. I saved several other does after I lost two of them b/c I had the necropsy done. It is hard telling how many I'd have lost if I never found out the problem. The other thing is, sometimes you lose one. It is part of raising animals so don't blame yourself. Again, so sorry you lost her. That is always difficult.
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