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Yazoo Mississippi Tornado

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Just got back from Ms last night and it is bad down there. We cleared trees for the week but the damage is so severe that the damage will be there for the next 50 years.
Where the Tornado hit which was 149 miles teh damage is as bad as Katrina. The oonly difference is the size. I have included a video if I can get it attached.
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Did want to explain I had my new Ipod and it is so small I got my finger in the picture. I was there to work not film so give me a little slack.
What always amazes me is to see the trees left standing without the tops.

The devastation of a tornado is just beyond belief Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure all your help is greatly appreciated.

Do you go as a group?
Thank goodness it missed some of the bigger towns- bad as Katrina yet not as deadly because the people were more spread out- and prayers for all those it did affect.
I've grown up with tornado damage. I think it looks like what a war zone must look like after a bomb went off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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