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When I fled the abusive relationshp I was in a week ago, I had to leave my heirloom pole bean seed collection behind, and my ex won't let me come back to get all the things I left behind right now, so I have to do a complicated court process to get an order for him to get them back to access them, but I do have the "William's Family Alabama Cutshort" bean in my collection. I curate a goodly number of rare pole bean varieties.

"Cutshort" is the true came for "greasy" beans. The WFAC variety is only offered by me and the original collecter in Alabama, who saved them from extinction. This variety is made up of about 5 colors of seeds and beans, and is very prolific for me here in Iowa.

I don't want to barter for them, but a package of 31 beans, which will plant a 10 foot trellis length is $5 including postage. It is meant to get you started, and then you will have to save seed next year and increase it for your future seasons.

I am a "listed member" of Seed Savers Exchange, which means I offer seeds in the Yearbook, and that is the price for non-listed members to request veggies with large seeds, which price I use for my non-SSE sales from my heirloom veggie website as well. My ex has control of my heirloom seed sales domain right now,, so I can't update it for the 2015 garden season with better photos of the beans. I have to get a court to order to have my domain returned to me.... And that could drag on for a few months depending on how much he wants to spend on a lawyer and court costs to fight me. He can't afford that, I know for sure.

Since the growing season for you is months away, I may be able to get them to you in plenty of time to plant them next year.

However, if you PM me your contact info, email and phone, I can go into the SSE 2014 Yearbook online and get you the contact info for members with many varieties of heirloom beans offered in it. You HAVE to be a member to access it online. I could browse the yearbook with you on the phone, and tell you some varieties that are offered, with descriptions, and then you could choose and I would give you the member's address to send for a packet. Some members give out more seeds than I do. You would have to pretend you are a non-listed member when you send your written-on-paper request, as some listed members offering seeds will only deal with other SSE members, and not the general public. I can tell you how to do that, tho.

If you are interested, I can PM you my phone and email addy, and you can PM me yours, to arrange this. Your beans aren't that rare to barter with, so I doubt you would be able to do that with any of them.

Let me know if you want me to help you.
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