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WOW!! Unexpected help!!!

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I called a show secretary yesterday to ask a few questions about how to get started-- like on a mailing list-- in showing my new herd. Talk about LUCK!!! The woman offered to come to the farm, bring her husband, as they are both JUDGES, and help me evaluate my new herd!!! So, in little over a week, two ARBA judges will be doing a "hands on" on my rabbits. This is so exciting-- never found this type of helpfullness in the dog show world! :dance:

What does one serve rabbit Judges for lunch out in the boonies? Chicken?

Terry W
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That's really nice of them! You'll get a lot of benefit, I'm sure. Things are really going well for you in the rabbit department lately. :D

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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