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    Apr 22, 2005
    Had a queenless colony in our Billy yard. I left the top cover off while going thru a couple other colonies looking for queen cells. If I didn't find any queen cells I was going to add a frame of larva.
    :shrug: Decided making our own queens at this point was the best since I am not able to find a source of the breed I want.
    After doing two colomies it was getting late and the shade made it impossiable to see eggs and young larva so told Kare we would come back Friday and search again.
    Kare said there was one colony still in the sun so lets look in there.
    Went thru about 4 frames then here comes a frame with 2 real nice cells on it. Placed it in the queen less colony. Went back to the place where we found the cells, and did two more frames with cells, which I cut off the frame and put in Kares burr comb bucket.
    Next thing Kare says there is a queen in the burr bucket isn't it? Sure enough there is a queen, I took the bucket to the queenless colony and let her walk out onto the top bars and bee greeted her with out any ado.
    Kare says there is another queen in the burr bucket. We put this one in a queen cage I had in the truck. Went back to the cell produceing colony and found more cells. I used my 5 in 1 tool to cut open a cell to see another queen, got another cage from the truck and attemped top get her in it. No luck with that one she flew off, poor thing.
    Found another cell and cut this ones tip off and held the cage in place for her to crawl into. Found even another one wich went into a cage which was rather ratty but held together fine with a bit of duck tape. And the next one went into a plastic bottle I keep quarters in for the car wash. I did punch holes in it with a nail for air.
    So what do we do with the 4 virgin queens? Make 4 nucs of course. Do they have to be put in a colony with a cage like a mated queen? Called a queen breeder I know in Ohio, was told that they do not have a queen scent for a while only the scent of a newly hatched worker and could be kept in a warm place for a couple of days untill I could put them in a nuc with a derict release method.
    Being out of nuc boxes at the present time, I called a fellow beekeeper and asked how many he had not in use. He had 4 which I went and got. Kare and I went to our 4 strongest colonys and pulled 3 frames, one of capped brood one of honey and pollen and one of honey to go with the 2 frames of new foundation.
    Brought them back to our front yard apiariy and set them on a stand.
    Now the test, I released the first virgin queen on the intercover. Some workers came up and started cleaning her. I watched them for some time before steering her to the hole. Down she went and all seemed well as I closed up.
    All the other 3 went in the same fashion in two weeks when the queens are laying we will transfur them to 10 frame deeps. They will make our 47th 48th 49th and 50th colonies, I reached the goal I had set for last fall on the amount of colonys we would have going into winter 2006/7.

    As a post script:: our Golden Rod is now starting to bloom. Very early this year.

    :D Al
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    Cool, Alleyooper. Thanks for sharing this!