Would you want your own cow to have udder enlargements?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by primroselane, Aug 11, 2004.

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    May 10, 2002
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    How about if it improved her self-image?


    Associated Press

    BRISBANE, Australia Aug. 10, 2004 — In an unlikely Australian doping scandal, four people have been banned from an agricultural show for injecting performance enhancing substances into cows' udders to enlarge them, officials said Tuesday.
    Two cow owners and two groomers, who were not named, have been disqualified and excluded from competition for so-called "udder tampering" at the Royal Queensland Show in the eastern city of Brisbane, show official Vivian Edwards said.

    Other farmers are suspected of having glued show cows' teats shut to stop milk leakage a problem that has apparently plagued Australia's highly competitive agricultural show circuit for years.

    At many shows, dairy cows are judged on their general appearance, but also the size and shape of their udders. Owners often spend hours before the competitions shampooing and meticulously preening the animals before parading them in front of judges.
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    Apparently it's not that uncommon for show livestock to have silicone testicle implants as well. I called my vet a liar till he showed me the samples that the rep had left with him.

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    that's udderly insane.

    sorry but someone had to say it :rolleyes:
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    Jul 3, 2003
    Nothing along this line of thinking surprises me too much these days. As an orthopedic surgeon I have been contacted by parents wanting the following for their kids:

    Remove ribs for a more hour glass shape

    Remove bones to make feet smaller

    Lengthen leg bones for added height (common, but extremely painful practice, in China)

    Shorten tendon attachments so muscles look bigger

    Shave and re-shape kneecaps

    Reposition collar bones for wider shoulders

    Shorten collar bones for narrower shoulders

    And parents don’t think for a second they are doing anything wrong, just giving their kids “that little extra bit of help” that will make them famous and rich. It’s pathetic!!

    But it doesn’t stop there: I have had the above requests from adults for them selves (though the rib removal is usually for sexual reasons rather then just aesthetic).
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    And to think my father paid a fortune only to have my tendons lengthened and altered so I could walk without braces and grasp stuff with both hands. :)