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I've been thinking about making a smoker. I thought about using two ovens with drawers underneath (the metal ones that are in most ovens), attached by a pipe for the smoke to go through. I would build a fire in the drawer of one and smoke the meat on the racks of the other one. I'm thinking I could, also, use the one that has fire in the drawer to bake things outdoors. Can anyone think of why this arrangement wouldn't work?

LOL, Uncle, that is right on target.

Gayle, our grill/smoker works in a similar fashion to what you describe. There is the main grill, and then the smoker firebox that is about a foot lower and feeds into the grill via a roughly 4"x6" hole. You could probably bake OK with a fire in the smoker and your stuff to be baked in the grill, but you might want to put it in foil to keep your stuff from getting smoky. Hey, give it a try and post your results!

Best of luck,
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