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I agree with Gobug.

When we first started looking for properties, we found one that I really loved. My dh, however, could only see the negatives: the barn way too close to the house (practically attached); the house in need of renovations, with a yucky floor plan; the view from the house was terrible (which was a shame, because the property was really quite lovely, but they seemed to build the house with the worst possible view); no restrictive covenants (good and bad, imo); barbed wire fencing (with horses on the property!).

On the other hand, all I could see was the stuff I loved--lots of pasture, a lovely pond, mature berries, lots of hardwood trees around the property (many of which created a screen so you couldn't see the property from the road); hardwood floors on the main floor.

We ultimately bought another property we found later. All in all, I think this was a much better deal for us. I think we did the right thing by passing on it. My dh was right about all the negatives--I just was very tired of living in an apartment while we house hunted. :)
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