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Hard to answer because only you know what your wants and needs are. What is your long range plan and how does this property fit with it? How many and what animals do you want and will this land support them? How big of a garden do you want? can you do that there? Orchards? Other issues like close to schools or work? Neighbors? Privacy? The flooding is a big one. It would be terrible to lose a ton of work because of a would be worse if you knew it was likely to happen and did all that work anyway. If you really love this place are the beavers something that can be dealt with? Trapping and knocking out dams is hard work and the varmints keep coming back but it can be done.

If you have a list of the things that are most important to you down to least important and then start ranking the properties you consider against that list you will probably find out a few things...What you really in your heart feel is important...How much of what you want you can really afford...what differences you and your husband have in what is important..

My .02 Good luck.

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