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  1. Theresa Lipe

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    Oct 31, 2002
    Any good worming programs out there you would like to share.I tend to be sporadic on my worming but hit them at least 3 times a year,more often on my lambs.I use valban,ivermectin,Safe guard.
  2. Ross

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    May 9, 2002
    I wish I was managing worms perfectly, I always strive to improve what happens but we've a ways to go. We look at the ewes body scores to see if we need to worm outside the regular wormings and include fecal sampling at times too. Basically ewes need worming prelambing, I've always liked Tramisol injectable then but have been using Safeguard crumbles to lower stress on the pregnant mums. I think I'll go back to the injections and double up with a vacination at the same time. I really like the crumbles for general worming but with the injection I'll know each got what it needed. We worm again before the ewes hit the pasture and so they'll drop any viable eggs in the yards. A mid summer worming might happen it might be a late summer worming or not happen at all if they don't need it. We certainly worm before flushing the ewes before breeding, no sense feeding worms. Lambs get wormed at about 30 pounds and then spot checked and wormed through the summer as needed. (that could be improved) Again before we put any heavy lambs onto a grain finishing ration they'll get wormed. We do use Ivomec as a switch from the Safeguard and we used Valbazen drench this spring.... which wasn't as effective as I would have liked so the next worming we used Ivomec. Today is a worming day (the preflush worming, though a little early) and I'll use the Safeguard crumbles.

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    May 11, 2002
    Now in Virginia
    Here we have to worm every two months, just like we do with the horses. As we cannot rotate pastures.

    We also use Safeguard and Panacur for the lambs.
    Ivomec (have used with ewes in lamb with no problems), and rotate with Dectomax for the adults not in lamb. The only caution with Dectomax is you "have" to know your sheeps weight, not just guess.

    We have found Valbazen really doesn't do any thing for us. There are alot of places in the country, that it no longer works well.

    So far I have no had a Liver Fluke problem, as I run ducks in the pastures and that is one of the creatures Ducks live to eat.

    The lambs also get a Coccidial Prevention feed starting when they are 1 month old.
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    Jan 13, 2003

    Is anyone else here using herbal wormers? If so, what kind? I have been using Hoegger's and am so far very pleased with it. However, I have heard that some of the herbal wormers have a high enough concentration of wormwood in them that they will interfere with fertility. What is everyone else's experience with this?

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