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Worming question

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haven't posted in ages and ages, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious. I have 3 goats and one of them keeps scouring. Not too bad, but it's clumpy. I wormed with dectomax and it went away for a few days. A week and half later, I wormed again with pancur, and again stopped and now it's back. I'm looking for Ivomec, with I normally don't use, but as far it's all huge bottles. Argh. Should I worm again? How soon? Can I try one of mine again or should I find ivomec? Made me super nervous to worm again before 30 days. The goat I suspect is having issues, is my favorite old wether. I can't say 100% because I can't catch any of hem in the process of pooing and it's not bad enough yet to see on them. I did give probiotics but I didn't give b yet because mine is from 2012, and tsc was out.

Thoughts on next steps? I can still see pebbling, but I know that anytime it could turn bad.

Ps I use dectomax because at least once a year I someone ends up with lice. I rotate pancur and dectomax.
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Btw they are pets, not eating them, so no withdrawal time for that.
I second @jkenn02 . Time to get a fecal so you know what parasite you are/are not up against. Knowing this helps you know what to use to specifically treat the issue. I send fecal samples to mid america (see link). Collect fresh poo, send to them, they tell you what they do/do not have including egg counts. My vet charges an arm & a leg to get the egg counts, but I want them so I go to mid america for much less $$.

If it's coccidia - we use Toltrazuril that we order from horse pre-race. It's a bit pricey but it's a single dose (not like dimethox) and it tastes ok so you don't have to fight with them (unlike dimethox which is horrid).
Good idea! Thanks
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One other thing soft clumpy poo in goats can be is Johne's disease. Is your herd tested at all for that? (True confession: I'm all excited about the new PCR test for Johne's that just came out. The accuracy & sensitivity of direct culture, but results in a week!!)
Good idea! Thanks
what about corid? I used that on his dad years and years ago. I know it tastes nasty too but he loves me. (If it's him) I just don't think I have time to order and a vet won't give me i he ha sent seen goat.
Have a fecal done on your goat, & make sure it includes coccidia (not all do!). Using a chemical dewormer without knowing what you're fighting builds resistance, even if it's needed, and for all you know your doe might be fighting coccidiosis or giardia, in which case no wormer will touch either. Your local vet will offer doing a fecal, or you can save a bit of money and send it in yourself. Here is a website that is a gold mine in regards to small ruminant parasites:
Had the fecal done, cost are a whopping $11 and it is worms, like hook worms. Thanks again.
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Glad to hear that you got it resolved.
For future, I used the equine paste wormers for my 2 girls. Both panacur and ivermectin
Despite them being drama queens about it, they survived quite nicely

It's actually not resolved! Argh! Eat said hookworms and I tried with pancur and it's never really went away. I've read that I have to do it for 5 days!?! I can try another wormer, but I don't know which one. I read that some don't get hookworms, and he'll go down with other symptoms soon if I don't do something.

How often can I give him pancur? Any other workers I can try? And how often can I give those? Help!
Aha! I called taht vet back and now he says barber pole worms! That I can find treatment on. Gonna give that a try and if anyone has recommendations please give them. I'll search the threads here too
Argh! Nothing is working. Cant find valbazen taht isn't in a huge container, and I'm ordering levoisamide (or however you spell it) I did the 12 hour thing with quest and safeguard, the I tried ivomec, since I never use it and could give him a larger dose. (The next day) also tried decotomax again since I'm waiting for the lev one. I'm nervous about dosing that one. Argh. He's acting ok, and I haven't seen him poop, but i did see my others poop and there's was fine. I only have 3 rescues.

Once this is done, I'll be worried about reinfection because I can't rotate their pasture. I'm not set up for them in the first place and I can't find homes for them. I'm scared. Sigh.

Any additional advice would help. I did think of one thing. When I work him, I give it to him in bread so I can ensure he eats it all. Could that be affecting the drug?
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I just got a fecal back from the vet and they said it was clean! He's still scouring though. No coccidia either. Maybe just worm damage and it'll go away?
Good to know. He's still scouring and I can see a change in his weight. His famacha is between 2-3, I'm not an expert, plus he doesn't like me touching him right now because I've had to do so much. He still eats and is very active, being the king. But his eyes seem more hollow today.

What iron do I give them and how much? I have some goat drench that I think has some iron in it. What I said that other called? Boost? What other tests can I give him to figure out what it could be? Getting him to a vet is impossible, and getting one out, is unlikely right now.
He's preferring to graze but he eats a little grain, hay and he'll eat whatever fresh I give him. Leaves, fruit, veggies. For the iron do I give orally or a shot?
Just checked on him today, and either his poops seem a little better, or someone else is getting worms. Argh. Guess I'll be sitting with them for a while today.

Also I have been noticing that he drops a lot of food out of his mouth. Not like him being the king. He eats everything. Could that be that bottle mouth thing that can happen with hc? I'm running tonthe store, for red cell, finally found some, and then I'll read up on bottle mouth. Do goats get tooth infections? Lol
I gave him some red cell, and hand picked a bunch of grass for him, he seemed to eat that well, so we see what tomorrow brings. Thank you!
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