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Worming question

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haven't posted in ages and ages, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious. I have 3 goats and one of them keeps scouring. Not too bad, but it's clumpy. I wormed with dectomax and it went away for a few days. A week and half later, I wormed again with pancur, and again stopped and now it's back. I'm looking for Ivomec, with I normally don't use, but as far it's all huge bottles. Argh. Should I worm again? How soon? Can I try one of mine again or should I find ivomec? Made me super nervous to worm again before 30 days. The goat I suspect is having issues, is my favorite old wether. I can't say 100% because I can't catch any of hem in the process of pooing and it's not bad enough yet to see on them. I did give probiotics but I didn't give b yet because mine is from 2012, and tsc was out.

Thoughts on next steps? I can still see pebbling, but I know that anytime it could turn bad.

Ps I use dectomax because at least once a year I someone ends up with lice. I rotate pancur and dectomax.
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Glad to hear that you got it resolved.
For future, I used the equine paste wormers for my 2 girls. Both panacur and ivermectin
Despite them being drama queens about it, they survived quite nicely
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