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Worming question

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haven't posted in ages and ages, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious. I have 3 goats and one of them keeps scouring. Not too bad, but it's clumpy. I wormed with dectomax and it went away for a few days. A week and half later, I wormed again with pancur, and again stopped and now it's back. I'm looking for Ivomec, with I normally don't use, but as far it's all huge bottles. Argh. Should I worm again? How soon? Can I try one of mine again or should I find ivomec? Made me super nervous to worm again before 30 days. The goat I suspect is having issues, is my favorite old wether. I can't say 100% because I can't catch any of hem in the process of pooing and it's not bad enough yet to see on them. I did give probiotics but I didn't give b yet because mine is from 2012, and tsc was out.

Thoughts on next steps? I can still see pebbling, but I know that anytime it could turn bad.

Ps I use dectomax because at least once a year I someone ends up with lice. I rotate pancur and dectomax.
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Maybe just worm damage and it'll go away?
That's a good possibility.
I'd give some Iron supplements and keep checking the eyes for anemia.
There could be a lot of internal bleeding still.
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What iron do I give them and how much?
Iron Dextran

Old fashioned blackstrap molasses has as much iron as many of the over the counter treatments, is safe, and has most of the constituents to help the goat with energy, and to feel better. Ferrodex or Iron Dextran can be used IM at 1cc IM per 100lbs body weight once a week until the goat is pinker.
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