worming newly arrived pregnant does

Discussion in 'Goats' started by mailman, Mar 15, 2005.

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    May 8, 2004
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    Hello, I am just starting with goats. I have 6 pregnant boer does arriving this weekend. The gentleman has alot of goats that I am buying from and does not know exactly the date of breeding. My question is: I would like to worm the does but not sure if it is ok to worm not knowing how soon they will give birth. I will be using Ivermectin (orally). I read that Ivermectin is ok for pregnant does but if I worm now and they give birth in 3 weeks, should I worm again the day after kidding? Will this be too soon to re-worm?
    Thank you in advance.....Dennis
  2. windyhollowfarm

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    Mar 2, 2005
    I try not to deworm any does in their first trimester even with "safe" dewormers. However, if absolutely necessary to deworm during pregnancy I would use Ivomec 1% Injectable for Cattle and Swine orally at 1mL per 50 lbs.

    It wouldnt hurt to deworm them now, and again when they kid.

    If you want to be totally sure you could have a fecal run to make sure you arent deworming unnecessarily.

    If they dont have a parasite overload, and are going to kid soon I would wait. Have they been dewormed before?

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    Jun 6, 2003
    since you wormed them, wait until they kid, the day they kid worm with panacur.
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    I would ask the person I was purchasing from what wormer is working for them, and also ask which one they have been using. Then I would switch if they said I have been using Ivermectin for 10 years, especially if you hear they inject it, or use feed through or Panacur/Safeguard. If they are knowledgable, give you dosages, what kinds of worm problems they have, and do fecal testing, than I would continue with the drug they use. Otherwise I would give cydectin. And yes worm the day they kid no matter what. Vicki