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Worming after goat doe or ewe delivers

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We are preparing for an early summer kidding and lambing time this year!

After our goats delivered last year, we wormed them. We used Cydectin sheep drench at 2times the label for sheep within the first 24 hours after delivery. We were led to believe that worm loads spike after delivery, so followed that protocol.

This will be our first season ever to lamb on our own. So, do our Ewes have the same situation of needing to be wormed within 24 hours of lambing?

Other question we have is do you allow the goats and lambs to do so on pasture? Or do you put them in their own birthing pens-if possible? The lambs are much more shy than our goats, but don't know how this will be when it is that time?!?

Any other words of wisdom on kidding or lambing? We are very new at all of this!

Thank you!
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I will let them lamb in the pasture, but will bring them in and confine them to a "jug" for 24-48 hours to make sure they bond and so the ewe can't walk away from the lambs.
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Do either of you or any others have a flare up of worms with the hormone change after delivery?
I always worm them all after birth, and usually again later in the Summer, depending on symptoms.
Birthing and nursing tends to coincide with pastures greening up, so there will always be more risk for worms that time of year.
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