Woodsfield, Ohio?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by cc-rider, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. cc-rider

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    Jul 29, 2003
    flatlands of Ohio - sigh
    Anyone from that area? I'm thinking of moving out that direction (from the flat plains of NW Ohio...hehehe).

    Any concerns? I see lots of people talking about vandalism, etc., in the country.....surely not in OHIO!!!??? :haha: Biggest concern is that this is part 1 of the 5-year-plan and I won't be living there for awhile. Don't want to go visit and find out it's been logged, etc.

    Anything I should look at in particular? Until my last visit, I didn't realize that I had to ask about access.... I thought you could drive to ANY parcel of ground. Also didn't realise that you can't build on just any piece of ground. Some goes straight up and down - yes, even in Ohio!

    What are the job opportunities around there? Largest town??

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Tinker

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    Apr 5, 2004
    NE Ohio
    We looked at a place or 2 out there. And believe me, Woodsfield is out there! Nice rural area, and property seems pretty reasonable, but it was just too far from anything for us. Closest shopping area would probably be New Martinsville WV--prob. about 35 miles. Closest mall is probably St. Clairsville, about 40 or so miles.

  3. james dilley

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    Mar 21, 2004
    deep south texas
    Think FLOOD plain, and secondairy roads. I had a place out of Barnesville Ohio the roads were bad, And vandilism quite a problem out where I was The Sherriffs Dept didn't think it rated hi either in responding too.
  4. greyhound girl

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    Nov 16, 2003
    SE Ohio
    I live about 11 miles from Woodsfield - moved down here from NE Ohio 3 years ago. I live on a dead-end road, 1/2 mile long, at the very end, with no one else on the road. I have had no problems at all with any kind of vandalism. I have a small creek which can get pretty exciting during big rains - but it has caused no problems. Because of all the hills and creeks - flooding can be a problem in some places. I like the area - the people down here are pretty friendly. Tinker is right about the shopping areas - fortunately, the drive to get to these places is real easy - no traffic and good highways. The job market is not very good - the major "factory" in the county is now on strike. I'll be glad to answer any other questions you might have about the area. At least as much as I know.
  5. margo

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    May 29, 2002
    CC, I am here in Wash. County, and as posted, there's not a huge amount of work in the manufacturing anymore. UNLESS, of course you are into IT or engineering, things like that. Are your skills, education,type of work portable? In that your work could be done over a computer ? Or if you'd like to drive a 18 wheeler, there seems to be a great need for that. many many ads for drivers. Nursing and all health care workers at all levels from ICU to surgical and nuclear medicine to senior and rehab work. these two seem to dominate the ads.
    Columbus Oh and surrounding area has job listings posted on Monster.com and Careerbuilder website, look at them for ideas.
    Let us (me and DH) know if you're gonna visit the area. Depending on your skills and interests, we may know some contacts who would be helpful. DH was in the heavy equipment mechanic field and sometimes hears who's in need of help. don't give up.
    Here, we try to help people be honest by not tempting them with displays of what we have. Locks make it easier. Theres crime around but I bet not as bad as in the major cities. just a fact of life. we try to know our neighbors and keep friendly relations by trying to be helpful and offering to watch out for each other.