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Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by SmokedCow, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. SmokedCow

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    Sep 24, 2004
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    we have 4 hutches...and they have 2 "pens" I really like them. But mine are a solid floor...they have metal 1/4 in. gage wire? thats the smallest? What ever gage are on most standard cages. I really enjoy them. This is the 1st year we've had them...I only have one rabbit, but in they are good for chickens, and ducks to. I like them...oh, and they have "houses" just like the ones you are talking about and have a "lid" to cover. They stay really dry..and circulation(sp) is really good.
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  2. Ann Mary

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    Nov 29, 2004
    You asked for experiences so here is mine...I've had rabbits since 1975...and any wood will be impossible to sanitize. A wire floor is much cleaner...if a resting place is needed to prevent sore hocks (wooden floors promote those due to the urine in the straw or whatever is being used unless it is cleaned out VERY regularly) just put a piece of a 1"x6" or something like that in the cage for them to sit on. As far as winter protection, if the cage has good sides just a nest box or something filled with straw when it is very cold out will suffice. I have seen many bunnies with well meaning owners who give them a wooden floor and the bunny ends up sick.

  3. smokie

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    May 26, 2005
    i use wooden hutches with wire floors outdoors, and i like them better than cages. the fronts have half wirre and half wood. it gives them some wind break when they want it and when they dont they can sun on the wire side.
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    Jun 25, 2005
    We use all wire cages but have them built up in a wooden frame with a roof, awning and a half back. We also added hinged sides and the rest of the back. This way when it rains we can fold up three sides so the rabbits don't get wet. So far this has worked for us.
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