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We bought our farm in June of 2001. There was a USStove/Wonderwood attached to a masonry chimmny via a short 8" pipe. I researched the stove on the Internet as I thought the automatic damper was broken (it was). I ended up making it manual using a little piece of wire.

After two pretty chilly winters (recently didn't see above 0 for three weeks) I must say the little bugger heats like a banshee. I know it's not effeicent, kind of light weight and aesthetically blah...but it really cranks the heat. We burn pallet ends and wood from our woodlot. It will hold a burn of maybe 6 hours if evrything is right. I see these stoves at the local feed store for $500 or so. If wood usage was a concern I'd buy a Jotul or the like.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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