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Yesterday at Wally World I was cruising around looking for bargains, as I am wont to do, and I spied with my little eye a clearance rack

I pulled up and began perusing.

Of the veritable plethora of items that appealed to me, there was, alas, no pricing indicated.

Not wanting an unpleasant surprise at checkout, (four more self-checkouts and I will qualify as an employee.) I snagged one of those order pullers who are now all over the place and asked her to scan some of the items.

She was polite, obliging, helpful and kinda cute, and she scanned what I was interested in.

She told me about the Walmart app where I could scan items myself.

My Neanderthal response was something like the old Phil Hartman, unfrozen caveman lawyer SNL skits. "Well, when it comes to technology and apps, I'm just a caveman."

I asked her if she could help put it on my smarter than me, smartphone. She said she would.

She installed it for me and showed me how to use it.

I felt like the Strawman on The Wizard of Oz, "Oh joy! Rapture!"

I was like a kid in a candy store, scanning everything in sight.

It even benefited me immediately.

Upon checkout, one of the items scanned for more than double what the app showed me.

I called one of the front-end people over and showed her what it scanned for and what the app showed the actual price to be.

She fixed it and I saved $20.

I was informed that if Walmart sells an item and it scans cheaper on the app than at the store, they will price match it.

Good to know, 'cause I love sticking it to Walmart.

But I'm not bitter.

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I was truly interested just now in the app. Until I realized what else that app probably does. Like following me everywhere I go. Poking into places I don't want it to. It's why I don't have any of that kind of app on my phone.

But good on you. You have become a computer geek trainee.
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