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I know this is about an ornamental (and long!), but was hoping someone could help! :)

We have a beautiful wisteria (about 10 yrs old) that sends out suckers/runners from the base every year. Every year I clip them back - no biggie. But we'd like another (or two) wisterias like this to cover a pergola. This one is large enough that moving it is out of the question. I've tried taking cuttings off the vines, putting them in buckets of water, but they won't root for me. SO ... one year I let a couple of the suckers/runners just grow along my flower bed. They rooted at various spots down the length, and the next year sent up vertical vines. Off of 2 suckers/runners I got 3 new wisterias. The second year I clipped the runners and got rid of them. Fast forward 2 years ... now we'd like to move these new baby wisterias. I kept them pruned back pretty well this year so we could move them easily. Now for the very weird part ...

We dug down around 2 of them to move them ... they are attached to a HUGE wisteria root that travels horizontally down my garden bed. If I had not seen these take root off of a sucker/runner myself, I would now think they were sprouting up off this root that's the size of my wrist! What is going on!?!?! Did their roots grow down, encounter this root from the main plant and attach to it? Is that possible? There are NO other babies popping up from this root except the 3 that I KNOW took root off the surface runners. I've heard that wisteria vines woven together will, over years, become one thick 'trunk' ... if so, couldn't the roots of the baby plants have entwined and become part of this (possibly) main root?

Besides all that ... what do we do now? I don't think tearing them away from that main root will allow them to survive ... there aren't many little roots attached to them. Cut this huge root? Would that kill our wisteria? I find it hard to believe that huge root is the only main one, but maybe it is. The ground here is VERY hard clay, and we dug out this garden bed, replacing the clay with manure for about 1.5 ft down ... so it would surely be the path of least resistance AND very nutritious.

Any suggestions?

Before it's mentioned, I'm not going to waste time trying to find another like it somewhere else ... I don't even know what kind it is. We originally bought 2 at wally world - they had the same tags - and, typical of things bought at wally world, they were NOT the same. The other one was totally different ... leaves, flowers, growth pattern ... everything. And we don't like that one.

Oh - and I have searched google about transplanting 'volunteer' wisterias and not found anything useful.
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