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Winter for potbellies

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Today was our first snowfall, and the potbellies weren't enjoying it like the dogs were.
Besides a draft free place with dry bedding, can I do anything else? It gets pretty cold here and they aren't coming in the house. Any special feeds to keep them warm?

How about water? I use heated buckets for other critters. But they'll know that over. Any other ideas? They are no more than 40 pounds, about 10 months old.

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I'm in central BC Canada, about zone 6.
Yes they love hay. They use it like a cocoon. When ever I call "Piggy's" at feeding time then run out with hay caught up in their back hair. With enough hay I can't imagine there being trouble- but I have read more than once how sensitive they are to cold.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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