Winter Cleaning

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by Kumi_Ori, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Kumi_Ori

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    Aug 29, 2004
    I am looking for some good "winter" cleaning ideas. This is my first winter with rabbits and I need to figure out how to clean the cages this winter. Things are already freezing and I don't have any water outside now. Is there any disinfectant/cleaning method that does not require water? I do not want to add any moisture to the rabbitry either - it won't dry out until summer. I thought that something like Lysol spray would be good but I see the rabbits lick the wire and chew or pull it sometimes and I didn't know if it would be toxic to them. Any suggestions :confused:
  2. westbrook

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    May 10, 2002
    Get a small braising torch from home depot or similar... in the tool section. They usually come as a kit with a torch, gas bottle and a case for about $30.00 or less (can't remember it has been so long since I bought one and when I did I purchased several gas bottles at the same time)

    remove rabbit, and torch the wire to remove hair and the flame will also disinfect at the same time. Be careful not to heat the wire too long.

    No added moisture this way but not cheap to go get one either. To help justify this it a Christmas present for the rabbits!

  3. Tracy

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    May 2, 2002
    A good wire brush is the key. Clean cages daily.

    There is also a product called Vanodine that is usefull. Do a google search and you will find online sources. This is used for birds as well. One gallon has lasted me for a long time.

    Vanodine® V-18

    Vanodine V-18 is a strong disinfectant/biocide that inactivates all types or organisms, viruses, bacteria and even fungi. Yet Vanodine is gentle enough in proper dilution for use in sterilizing drinking water and to spray directly into eyes, nose, or open wound. Vanodine is not a medicine

    Vanodine® V-18 is an Iodine complex cleaner/biocide and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Vanodine needs no rinsing, is odorless and contains no alcohol or bleach. Recommended for cleaning and disinfecting equipment, buckets, cages, crates, floors, stalls and walls. Suitable for sanitizing drinking water for animal consumption, and for aerial disinfection. Vanodine is one of the few disinfectants that is harmless to warm-blooded creatures and can therefore be used to keep down germs in the presence of livestock. This makes it convenient for many breeders - there is no need to evacuate the barn in order to disinfect. It is not necessary to rinse after use, so it is faster and easier to use than other disinfectants that must be thoroughly rinsed before returning the animals to the area.

    Vanodine is safe for use in drinking water to sanitize and prevent the spread of water born disease and increases resistance to other diseases animals may be exposed to during transport or exhibition.

    Vanodine® V-18 should be regarded as a biocide rather than just a disinfectant. A biocide inactivates ALL types of organisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi. A disinfectant does not necessarily do this, for most disinfectants are selective in what they kill. Regular disinfectants are not typically effective against poliovirus, the TB germ or many of the antibiotic resistant organisms which worry the livestock producer as a result of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Only a few of the corrosive type disinfectants are effective against fungi and spores, yet they are only efficient at dangerously strong concentrations.

    Vanodine can be used to control Pasteurellosis including "Snuffles" and most respiratory troubles. It can be used against those forms of enteritis which are pathogenic, against Paratyphoid, Salmonellosis, Tuberculosis, Strangles, and Ringworm. For rabbits using resting boards or solid floored cages or cavies suffering from Bumblefoot, Vanodine is excellent for disinfecting areas soiled by urine or feces. A towel soaked with Vanodine on a resting board will offer continued disinfecting and a cushioned area to ease the pain of sore hocks or Bumblefoot, but must be replaced frequently. On hot days, a spray bottle of Vanodine works well for misting rabbits and cavies to keep them cool as well as offering aerial disinfecting. Vanodine is particularly helpful to prevent Bordatella infection being passed from rabbits to guinea pigs.