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Invest in proper equipment (less than $100) and a few books. I've been hombrewing beer for 8 years, mead for 1 year and I just started messing around with wine last week. Most of the disaster stories I hear about homebrewing involve the would-be brewer using inappropriate equipment, failing to follow directions, failing to adequately sterilize equipment and not bothering to read a simple book before starting. has a good selection of equipment and books about winemaking. I don't know enough about the wine to suggest a specific book. Good luck!


doc623 said:
Any one have any tips, tricks, recipes or knowledge to share with an amateur?
Thanks in advance.

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Doc, I have three winemaking books I will send you if you are willing to send about $3 for postage. I wouldn't even ask that but I'm out of work right now and money is very short. They are "The Art of Making Wine" "Enjoy HOme Winemaking" and a hardback called "Home Winemaking from A to Z" They have good recipes, simple directions and explain what tools and equipment you need which is mostly very simple stuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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