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southerngurl said:
I have wood ducks and mandarin ducks in an aviary. They have two pools to swim in which fill up quickly with poo. I generally have one draining while the other is full, and drain one every day or every other day as they get REAL poopy REAL fast. Anyone who has had ducks knows what I am talking about. :no:
Can I use the water I drain on my garden? The grass where the water drains to is taller than the rest, so obviously it's good for grass, but grass likes alot of nitrogen, so it seems it would be good for my corn ect. What about squash, watermelons, cucumbers, ect? I know it has alot of nitrogen, but do y'all think it will be too much? I hate to let it go to waste, it's alot of manure tea.

I used to use it back when I had ducks. It was sufficiently diluted not to cause any ill fact I had some doozy sized tomato plants!! Have no idea wether that's the official stance on usage, but it worked for me :)
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