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will a year old steer kill a ram?

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Our steers and sheep were raised together from two months old, to eleven months old. We put our ram in with our two steers, all three eleven months old, a month ago, when the ewes had babies. Tonight, we found one steer, having cornered the ram, had him upside down, with his hoof on his stomach! We put him out of that pasture, but he was out of breath for about an hour. I'm not putting him back in, but I couldn't find anything about this anywhere. Was the steer (Reuben) hungry, mean, playing, or what? He was butting him. It looked like he was trying to kill him. That ram has bullied HIM. Maybe he was getting him back?
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I have a nigerian dwarf goat ram that runs freely in the feedlot with all the cattle. He, being a goat, will get in a shoving match with the steers. I've seen him pushing with everything he has against the much larger steer. The steers seem to think he makes a good scratching post for their heads!

He is so small, but I think a larger goat would have a harder time. The steers would be more likely to shove back...and they would win, without a doubt.

If one of the steers got fed up with the whole game, he could easily plow that ram into the ground. It hasn't happened yet and from what I've seen, it won't. The goat seems to know when to give up. He can also get out of the pen whenever he wants while the steers can't. He has an "out" if he needs it.

If your ram is valuable to you, I would pen him separately.

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Even though it is a steer, it is still a male. A show of dominance may have been taking place.

I pulled two cows out of the herd this spring. An old Holstein who I wanted to treat special with extra feed and a young Angus who lost her first calf and hadn't had her second one yet. Only two of the herd which hadn't calved. I brought up the herd a couple of week ago when field work was being done. Angus jumped the electric fence to rejoin them. She ended up fighting just about all of them even though she had only been out for about six weeks. Pecking order had to be reestablished.

Essentially your answer is yet. A year-old-steer wouldn't have particular difficulty killing you, much less a ram.

Ken S. in WC TN
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