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I have never been in a patch of Black-eyed Peas that did not have multiple wasps flitting about. Our current pea patch in Central Texas has at least two wasp varieties, a smaller yellow wasp and a significantly larger brownish-blackish wasp. I cannot determine why they are there. Are the wasps friend (preying on pests like the Ladybugs) or foe (damaging the pea vines).

Bumble bees are clearly in the pea patch to visit the blooms, but I never see one of the wasps enter the blooms like the bumble bees.

Good news is that the wasps do not appear to be aggressive to us, if we move slowly and avoid the mistake of grabbing one of them while harvesting peas. When I was a kid, I was less alert and cautions about the wasps and was stung a time or two, but now past 70 yrs I move more slowly.

We have no experience with other varieties of Cowpeas, but wonder if wasps congregate in the other varieties like they do in Black-eyed Peas.
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