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Food is basically most sensitive product when it comes to packaging. Food has direct contact with packaging. If the food is packaged in chemically treated packaging, then it causes issue with your health. Therefore, brands need to be very conscious while selecting packaging for food products. If your food packaging is not well designed according to the need of your product it will get your food damaged. The care for food safety starts long ago but after pandemic it got huge success.
Every food product demands for different packaging material. This means frozen food can’t be packaged well in the paper box. It need plastic packaging first and then paper box packaging. Well-structured food packaging gives sense of care to your customers. Let’s dig into the example of coffee shop, on their coffee cup there is one caution mentioned ‘’Be careful, it’s hot’’. Although it is obvious if you are purchasing hot coffee definitely it is hot. Still brands use to do these type of efforts to show the care and belongingness with customers.
Other than the safety aspects customize food boxes can also be the cost efficient marketing effort for you. Attractive customize food boxes create great value for your brand. People will definitely get attracted with that. Ensure the correct and visible positioning of logo. The prominent positioning of logo will make people to remember your brand. Let me share my experience I have always experienced getting chow mein in the plastic box. Once I went to the mall and saw Chinese food chain is serving chow mein in the box. This box packaging of chow mein attracts me and makes me to buy them.
How to have perfect customize boxes for food
  • Material
If we talk about customize packaging for food, there are four most common materials available. Paper, aluminum, plastic and glass are the one which is used commonly for food. All of these materials comes up their own pros and cons. It depends upon you that which material to be select based on your food type.
Paper packaging is the most economical and light weight packaging material. If we see other side of it so it can be torn easily which somehow question its credibility of protection. Aluminum is also popular in using customized food packaging as it is water and heat resistant. Aluminum material has also ability of recycling. Whereas it is on the expensive side. Glass material is mostly used in beverages industry, liquid and semi liquid products. It is resistant to heat and water. This material is most commonly used because it can be recycled and reuse easily. Obviously there is the high risk of damage is associated with it. Plastic is not mostly used now because of issues it cause to health and to keep environment clean.
  • Focus on the trends
Food industry is highly competitive. It is somehow difficult to stay ahead of the competition if you are fail to offer creative packaging. We used to see high creativity in the food industry in form of customize packaging. It is suggested to focus on minimal design but with bold colors. Try to play out with shapes and select best shape of packaging on the basis of your food item. For example, if you have sandwiches café then your ideal shape would be wedge shape card box with plastic window. Wedge shape exactly defines the shape of your sandwich and plastic window gives transparency for layering of sandwich. This will definitely appeal your customer and strike their hunger.
You should also try to focus on better quality of your printing in customize packaging for food. Never neglect this aspect as printing plays main role in food industry to attract customers. Imagine brands with faded packaging of food. Would you get attracted to them? Most probably you would also question the credibility of brand. Now a day’s food brands are also put great focus on the functionality of packaging of their food. Example of this could be reseal able pouches for snacks of large quantity to keep them fresh till their last consumption.
  • Ensure protection
Ensuring protection is the most important part in your customized food packaging. Every food item need specific kind of protection from temperature, moisture, manhandling etc. It is important if you are delivering food to customer it went to him fresh and safe. If your food product possess longer shelf life so make sure to go for packaging that fulfill its need to remain fresh. As we can see mostly preservative food is stored in can packaging as it has some liquid formulation as well with it. So, you cannot store it into plastic or paper box.
Flower Flowerpot Houseplant Plant Rectangle

These are some important factors which will help you to have safe and attractive packaging. So, based on your nature of the product select your customized food packaging accordingly. This is what which makes or breaks your brand
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