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5TR-Apiary said:
Well, now I know someone else who gets excited about such wonderful finds! My husband, his uncles and our friends just shake their heads and smile when I talk about being excited about these "things"... Enjoy!!
I have 21 rabbits (Kids do 4H) and I am stock pileing the poo LOL.. UNder my outside cages I dont disturb the pile The inside bunnnies I rake up the poo and any hay that they dropped and toss it into a pile outside... I am going to build a bin out of pallets and use it to keep my bunny poo from disappearing.. At first I was concerned the undisturbed pile outside my stink, but only time I smell it a little is right after a rain... Theres realy not as much poo as youd expect from 21 rabbits. the outside bunnies have been there Since last Sept and the pile isnt that big at all... Im sure it is smooshing down as it composts but youd think it would be clear to the cage bottoms LOL.. I have 3 bunnies there, the rest are now inside..
Soon Ill have 3 more litters--so more poo machines :) I also use the horse manure. That stuff is soooo good... Only problem with the horse manure is if you feed grain be assured youll have some oats growing... The pros far out weigh the cons as far as IM concerned so I will use it. I have a steady supply of it and the horses dont mind me taking it LOL....
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