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The singular reason that eggs are increasing in price far faster than virtually any other food product is because of a sustaining bout of the avian flu.

The avian flu has severely impacted egg yields nationwide. Farmers continue to lose tremendous amounts of their poultry flocks, and this is having a direct impact on the number of eggs they can ship out. According to the USDA, approximately 60 million birds have succumbed to the avian flu to date.

There simply is not enough supply to meet demand, thus driving egg prices to heights unseen.
BS. That many birds were killed to "prevent the spread" of avian flu... the vast majority of them WERE NOT SICK. Whole flocks wiped out because a bird in the next town over that tested positive for avian flu (and I gotta wonder how accurate those tests even are). There would be many more eggs on the shelves if it weren't for the wholesale destruction of flocks because of some hysterical poultry health alphabet agency official
1 - 2 of 54 Posts