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A niece in the Phoenix area says they are paying $13 a dozen
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The singular reason that eggs are increasing in price far faster than virtually any other food product is because of a sustaining bout of the avian flu.

The avian flu has severely impacted egg yields nationwide. Farmers continue to lose tremendous amounts of their poultry flocks, and this is having a direct impact on the number of eggs they can ship out. According to the USDA, approximately 60 million birds have succumbed to the avian flu to date.

There simply is not enough supply to meet demand, thus driving egg prices to heights unseen.

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There are some big egg companies out there. We have a lot of chicken houses here in my county. If there is a confirmed case of avian flu locally all back yard flocks have to be killed along with the thousands of birds in those big chicken houses. The houses here are for Peco fryers

rankCompanyNumber of hens (millions)
1Cal-Maine Foods46,78
2Rose Acre Farms27,59
3Hillandale Farms20
4Versova Holdings LLP19,95
5Daybreak Foods14,48
6Michael Foods11,91
7Center Fresh Group11,5
8MPS Egg Farms11,1
9Prairie Star Farms9,3
10Gemperle Family Farms8,6
11Opal Foods8,39
12Herbruck's Poultry Ranch8,3
13Weaver Brothers8
14Sauder's Eggs6,6
15Rembrandt Enterprises6,25
16Kreider Farms6,1
17Hickman's Egg Ranch6
18Mid-States Specialty Eggs6
19Hidden Villa Ranch5,5
20Sparboe Farms5,48
21Fremont Farms of Iowa5,3
22S&R Egg Farm4,78
23Wabash Valley Produce4,7
24ISE America4,56
25Sunrise Farms Inc.4,5
26Cooper Farms4,33
27Minnich Poultry3,94
28Ritewood/Oakdell Egg Farms3,68
29Konos Inc.3,4
30Creighton Brothers3,2
31Forsman Farms3,1
32Esbenshade Farms2,8
33Berne Hi-Way Hatchery Inc.2,4
34Sunrise AcresEgg Farms2,38
35Central Valley Eggs2,3
36Giroux's Poultry Farm2,3
37Pearl Valley Eggs2,23
38Kreher's Eggs2,2
39Hamilton Eggs LLC2
40Schipper Eggs LLC1,82

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But the auto companies have the same problem as any other producer… consumers set the price! If prices get too high, consumers don’t buy.
Sure we do. I have had many dealers refuse my price.
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