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Born in the wrong Century
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I'm pretty proud tonight.

Let me start by saying I'm the oldest of my siblings. (I do have a older half brother)

Hail from a large Family, both sides!

and they in turn...:eek:

Though I only have 4 brothers...

I have been a influence to some degree in three of their lifes.

Both positive and negative.

Though I'm tickled with my youngest brother.

He does have a way to go but hes learning!

The other two and the long lost HB find the ways of the world more enticing.

They have good jobs and I don't blame them.

We all also had different family inputs, when I was young certain family members where always there, mom and dad where hippish, organic gardening, mother earth when mother earth was mother earth, shoot when organic gardening was organic gardening!

My youngest brother and the second and the third never knew our GF raised in the Hills of WV... I did.

I miss him so much.

But I digress, YB is 10 years younger, and his thought has changed.

He is now taking pages from my book.

I've been the only one interested in hunting, he has taken it up.

though he has not listened to me so much... lol

I set him up here to hunt. the other day he comes out of the field and tells me he screwed up!

He has a tight schedule, and had to vacate the blind early, but had time to check sign.... well not even 30 foot off the blind he spooked the big buck running here....out of his bed. he was bummed.

He will be back. I have no doubt. I watch these deer. I've seen them come back mins after some one moves though.

well today my other brother spotted a big buck vehicular challenged on his way to corporate pay, small rack , big deer.

so I get woke by the younger to the sounds of a frantic car horn!

was not happy! he could of knocked...

he works for a local sporting good store and the managers buds with a processor and the guy treats him well, said take it to him, my barns not set up,have to do it out side and well its been a rain/snow mix all day!

I let it lay where we unloaded it.

I really wanted him to be there, I did it all , just gut and skinned.

still hanging, I did want him there to see.

besides no way I could drag that boy up on my own.

He was worried it was gut busted, not the case, pretty clean kill.

His bag was dislodged but not busted.

any ways , hes like wheres your gambrel... umm no .

I said watch, him, Ive watched a dozen videos and no on does it like that.

I hung him by the head, we hoisted him up to where he was above a can,


He had to concede...

alot of folks saw off the fore limb?

a couple nice cuts a little snap and another cut. no bone fragments.

He did not pick up where to cut, but now knows its possible.

Its how I disjoint any critter.

Hint, start on the Knee side the the under.

Actually he was a little sqweemish though the process... lol

I'm still proud of him for taking initiative.

Like I said hes learning.

hes not the only one I have a few cousins seeking counsel as well in various avenues. they also don't always listen so well... but its a start!

oh and I got half a deer for freezer meat!

oh ya we now have tarsle and a full bladder !

Can you say hello big boy!

Born in the wrong Century
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I should add that it was my third youngest that called the youngest about the deer.

they are pretty tight.

the one under me , well... future zombie or a clinger.

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"Who have you Influenced?"

That is an honest question, and very positive, but it can also be a hidden fishhook.

People tend to find their own way and pick and choose what they want.

It is possible to force compliance (boot camps, etc.), but that often means the individual reverts once the force is removed. You can mold water or jello into the interior shape of a glass, but it will typically revert to a puddle over time when you remove the glass.

It is possible to "influence" by tapping into various needs, psychological states, and pre-existing patterns, but someone "influenced" in this way can often just as easily be influenced out of any change that has been made. People programmed in cults typically get deprogrammed using similar techniques of influence.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of force compliance (other than an excuse for sadism and enforce rigid patterns) is to teach and show alternatives.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of influence (other than play with trickery and boost the ego) is to teach and show alternatives.

If you take self-responsibility at all seriously, the glory of positive changes goes to the person who is making the changes upon themself.

The role of the outsider to that soul is ultimately only that of teacher or expositor.

Good teachers verify what they teach and hone their skills to teach and expose those who wish to learn with a minimum of effort and maximum of effect, while allowing those same students a maximum free range of safe exploration.

If you take on the burden of claiming "influence" on people, they have power over you - "You made me do this. You made me into what I am."

I had one employee that I felt I influenced to become a great manager, but at the expense of his exploring a career in a field he might have enjoyed more and been skilled at. I kicked myself for years after, as it became apparent that the company we had been working for was unworthy of loyalty or respect. It was only when I confronted this, told it to him, and he reclaimed his own responsibility for his path that I was freed. Be careful claiming influence.

Born in the wrong Century
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I would not call forced compliance, Influence.

If anything I would call it Indoctrination.

Influence is the effect you have on someone, and them choosing of their own volition.

Yes people will take what they want and leave certain things.

With my children I always made sure they understood , with out a doubt why you do it this way or that.

Far to many people just do something because thats the way its done.

No understanding of why, and to me that is Ignorance.

Even if you can parrot and robot you way through actions,speech what not its not Intelligence but training and at the least its Impersonation of sorts..

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Kinda easy for me.
The years I spent as a scout leader and the young men that came back to me later as they were teaching their own kids what I had taught them.
Just last evening I met a young guy I want to see again. He really needs help.
The youth leader at our church is doing a great job with about 20 young men.

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I taught for 31 years, have had a number of former students tell me I was an influence on them. After I retired, a young man that played baseball with my son came to see me. He was home on leave from Afganistan. He told me he ran into another soldier there, and while talking found out he grew up in the next town, where I taught. He asked him if he knew me, the answer was that he did and I was the reason he graduated from high school. I never found out who it was though.

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I think the jury is still out on that one. I certainly try and I've been generous with my encouragement, example, assistance when asked, and loved unconditionally and I'm not talking about just my child but people of all ages that have crossed my path. But, I suspect it will be like those who mentored and assisted me. By the time I was old enough to want to tell them what they meant to me, they were gone.

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We all influence many of the people that we come in contact with every day. The question, of course, is how? :D

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Well, I taught Sunday School for 8 years, many years ago at the Catholic Parish I previously lived in. And I was an Adult Leader for a group of CYO Kids, for about 7 years too.... all, back in the 1980's....
And I was involved with Playing with the group, for the Folk-Mass on guitar, and Bass, for about 8 years too, back then, also..
I'd like to think that I was a positive influence, on a lot of the kids, I came into contact with, over the years.
I taught a few kids to play Guitar, who now are playing at Folk Mass, on their own
It's kinda funny when adults come up to me and ask if I remember them from this or that Class that they were in, when I taught them, many years ago.

Oh, And I went with the Associate Pastor, to lead songs & play guitar, at Mass, down at the Juvenile Detention Center, for about the same 8 years.
I use to be a very active and involved Catholic.......
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