Who has a metal roof on their house?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by marisal, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. marisal

    marisal Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2003
    The house I really want has a metal roof on it. It was put on last year.
    Can anyone tell me the pros and cons?

    ~Marisa :)
  2. caberjim

    caberjim Stableboy III

    Feb 19, 2004
    We don't now, but we have had them on 2 other houses - both very old famhouses. I had no problems with them. Lasted long, no maint., no leaks. We had one replaced by the Amish - took them a day. If we were building, I would probably put a metal roof on the house. I love the sound the rain makes hitting it.

  3. Michael W. Smith

    Michael W. Smith Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    We have shingles on our house, but my inlaws have a metal roof on theirs. It should last quite a few years as I know when we had our barn roof done, we got a 40 year warranty brand. I believe there were 20, 25, & 40 year warranty brands out there, but from my understanding, the stuff made in the last couple years is alot better than stuff made 15 years ago - no color fading, lasts a lot longer, etc. The insulation value probably isn't as good with a shingle roof, but I think you will be happy with it.

    On a rainy night, you will hear the pitter patter of rain falling that may help you go to sleep.

    With a metal roof, the snow can't stick to it much, but when snow does fall in quantity's, once it warms up, it will slide off, so be prepared for "thumps" if it lands on your porch roof, etc.
  4. BCR

    BCR Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2002
    We priced several kinds of metal when we re-roofed a few years back, including talking to the insurance company. The materials for a good quality metal roof vs. shingles (high quality) were too expensive. Then there is the fact that we have hail at least once each year. That can ruin some metal roofs in a matter of minutes. We chose shingles.
  5. painterswife

    painterswife Sock puppet reinstated Supporter

    Jun 7, 2004
    We have a metal roof. Very durable, can be noisy, depending on the pitch and snow, it can cause alot of damage to what is underneath.

    Great for areas prone to fire. If you have a high snow load and valleys it also can cause damage in ice situations to the roof itself.

  6. oldudbob

    oldudbob Member

    Feb 5, 2004
  7. Ross

    Ross Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    May 9, 2002
    :eek: What kind of hail damages a metal roof??!? I wouldn't have any other type as it lasts so much longer than asphalt shingles if properly installed. About the only drawback is snow does come off with a bang.
  8. bulldinkie

    bulldinkie Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2003
    We have metal roof they say they last a lifetime.I enjoy laying in bed hearing rain hit the roof sooo relaxing.Can cause problem with some insurances because firemen dont like metal roof because if there were a fire they cant get roof off.
    Alot more damage because fire under roof
  9. FolioMark

    FolioMark In Remembrance

    May 10, 2002
    illinois but i have a homestead building in missou
    i had to laugh when you all talk about the pitter pat of rain on a metal roof. We have one on the missouri house and until we got insulation and ceilings installed the noise when it rained was absolutely deafening. You couldnt hear someone speak without shouting and sleeping was out of the question. Once you have insulation and ceilings its much better. A metal roof is almost as expensive as a wood and shingle roof now but far more durable. I love them.
  10. OD

    OD Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2004
    We have one & love it. It came with a 50 year warranty. The rain sounds good on it , but I'll be so glad when the acorns are all off this tree. The squirrels pull acorns off & drop them on the roof. Then they go down & gather them up & bury them. Sometimes it almost sounds like a hailstorm.
  11. countrygrrrl

    countrygrrrl PITA

    Aug 4, 2003
    Zone Unknown
    LOVE my metal roof! :D If you have reflective insulartion beneath it, it really helps keep a place cool inthe summer and warm in the winter.

    And we have frequent hail storms here --- I have yet to see any damage to the roof from one. They can be noisy during storms (severe thunderstorms, for example) but during normal rains, very pleasant. And they look so good. Price of them has shot through the roof ( :haha: ) in recent months, so that roof alone has added significant value to the house.
  12. ox

    ox Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2004
    We've used them on all of our roofs for the passed 25 years+. If properly installed they are very durable, easily maintained and fire resistant. If you're in the woods they are a must from my viewpoint. Never had a single leak on roofs I've installed. Check to see if it was nailed or screwed down. Ask if it has been calked on installation. Ask what gauge the metal is or if the install was guarenteed. Such things might have a influence on your decision.
  13. cntrydude

    cntrydude Active Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    metal roofs are much better if you plan to catch rainwater and use it........much cleaner
  14. Gary in ohio

    Gary in ohio Well-Known Member Supporter

    May 11, 2002
    Metal roofs last forever. Can give you a discount on your insurance in some areas, cost extra in others. Great in fire prone areas. Can be noisy during rain storms, I like the nose myself.
  15. whitewolf

    whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Nov 9, 2003
    This post caught my attention because my husband installs metal roofing systems. Of course I don't have one.......boo-hoo-hoo.....he installed a 35 year shingle on our house a couple of years before he started installing metal. I just hate when stuff like that happens. lol.. We have had alot of good luck with the metal roofs. He was the first in the area to start installing them and then every Tom, Dick, and Harry started thinking they could "throw them up" and what a mess....we have had to go and reinstall parts of them.......but hubby says that is called "job security"...lol...yes he is bad....but if you are going to get one (or any other type roof) please get references......it will save you alot of heartache and money, as well.
  16. comfortablynumb

    comfortablynumb Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2003
    Dysfunction Junction, SW PA
    all these years i have been patching and reshingling my roofs till i put on metal 5 rib, enamel painted from the factory with a 40 yr warranty...

    metal roofs rock!
    I cheated and put mine down on old shingles, lots of people said not to, as many said it was ok, so i took the lazy way out. I havent sen a problem from it yet.

    snow does build up on it and when you aint expecting it ALL sluffs off in a massive avalance.... so keep stuff away from the dripline.
    I ran a bead of asphalt calk down the rib to be overlapped for a seal...

    and water shed off like a waterfall, so hard it ripped off my gutters.
    no worry, dug drain ditches along the dripline and ran the furrows over to a depression that fills up like a lake (away from the house), the ducks like it. even morining dew drips off like rain.

    I dont notice them as noisy...

    cutting the sheets is a bugger.... lucky you can get them in 8, 10,12 14 and 16 foot lengths.

    they are very very hot to work on in the sunshine and a white roof on a sunny day will sunburn you to death in 15 min.... trust me. lol

    the inside of my roofs are much cooler now, the white reflects a lot of heat, and makes the house inside cooler overall.

    wet roofs you do not want to walk on they are like sliding boards.
    trust me.... LOL.

    good thing my roof edge is only 9 feet up.
  17. bethlaf

    bethlaf Homegrown Family

    May 26, 2004
    a comment on hail and roofs, someone said that hail can ruin a metal roof, well, the same is true of shingled roofs, every spring we have a spate of insurance work on roofs from hail damage,
    hail generally wont RUIN a metal roof, but it DOES ruin a shingle roof , and voids those "25 year warranty" shingles, ask your insurance agent !!!!!
  18. Hoop

    Hoop Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Northern Wisconsin
    Metal roof pros: they last forever, snow slides off if the pitch is steep enough, properly installed.....they don't leak. Metal roofs are far easier and quicker to install than shingles.

    Metal roof cons: higher initial cost, when snow slides off roof--it lands in a big lump and often must be moved before it freezes into a solid hunk, items such as stack vents have been known to get ripped off the roof from sliding snow if they are located too close to the eaves.
    Very low pitch roofs (3 or less) have been known to create ice dams if the roof has valleys.

    For my $.02 worth, anyone that lives in snow country should have NOTHING BUT a metal roof. I have one on my garage and house. It will last for 50 years.....far longer than I will!
  19. moopups

    moopups In Remembrance

    May 12, 2002
    In beautiful downtown Sticks, near Belleview, Fl.
    The 'standard standing seam' method of coil metal roofing systems has a life exspectancy of over 300 years when installed in thick gague (14 or 12) sheet copper, available to you if your last name is 'gates'. 5-V sheet metal roofing is known to last at least 50 years, as is the currant 4 up, 4 down style when factory painted. Metal is a lifetime roof.
  20. Country Lady

    Country Lady Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oct 1, 2003
    We built our present home three years ago and chose to go with a metal roof. Our builder told us at that time that the initial cost when building would be about the same as a shingle roof, however, for anyone deciding on a metal roof when replacing a shingle roof, it would cost a lot more. Our metal roof is on metal slates, not plyboard as shingle roofs are. He said the metal roofs have to have room to breath, otherwise, condensation will build up if laid directly on plyboard. We have good insulation and it's really not very noisy at all during a normal rain. I love hearing it. Naturally, when it's really storming, it's more noisy. Our roof is a 40 yr. roof. We've had one problem so far. I noticed a couple of leak spots in the garage area. We called our builder back out and he went up into the attic and checked closely for leak spots and found a few. When he went up on the roof to repair, he found some of the silicone washers had probably been tightened too tight when installed, therefore, leakage was coming in around the screws. He fixed what he found about 6 months ago and we haven't noticed any leaking since that time. I hope this information helps. Our roof is bronze and I love it, love it!

    Country Lady