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Who else is getting hammered on ebay?

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I sell printed products on ebay.

Over the past year, business has been unbelievably great. The products I sell are needed, and not considered luxury items. My items sell between $6 and $25 each.

Through the summer, I was selling $100 to $150 a day on average.

Only one item I have is seasonal, with a peak in the summer and fall, with a significant drop-off in the winter.

I have been getting my clock cleaned since September when the headlines broke with economic woes.

I know that ebay's ignorant change to Paypal only has hurt my business. I do sell to alot of farmers, old timers, and the like. Lots of people simply refuse to use Paypal, and want to use money orders.

I bet I am only selling 1/3 of what I did just a few months ago.

I am looking forward, and hoping to forge ahead with some new offerings, albeit an expensive investment, especially when income is down.

Anyone else?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rean, I believe this is the site designer meant.
I am not doing too well on E-bay right now either..Not sure why.
It's coming up on the holiday season and there aren't too may buyers at this time of year. Your sales should pick up after the first of the year when assigned reading is issued.

Have you tried listing your books on You list for free and get charged only if the book sells. I don't know what the percentage is these days. Before I moved from Florida I was listing college textbooks on and did ok, except during the holidays.
Which do you find you get the best prices for books? or amazon?
Designer, I haven't sold on Amazon but I know people can go to and compare prices. I don't think Amazon lists with AddAll but many other booksellers do. People compare prices at other places besides and Amazon.

When I was able to list books I gave a very accurate description, shipped with delivery confirmation on all books, and insured books sold for $25 or more. I made sure I put that information in the description. I asked for more money than other sellers and many times my book sold first.

I tacked on enough to cover the delivery confirmation and insurance. People bought from me for the insurance and being able to track the books.

To answer your question, I don't think it's a matter of where the books sell best. I believe it's your descriptions and service that sell the books best.
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