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Who else is getting hammered on ebay?

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I sell printed products on ebay.

Over the past year, business has been unbelievably great. The products I sell are needed, and not considered luxury items. My items sell between $6 and $25 each.

Through the summer, I was selling $100 to $150 a day on average.

Only one item I have is seasonal, with a peak in the summer and fall, with a significant drop-off in the winter.

I have been getting my clock cleaned since September when the headlines broke with economic woes.

I know that ebay's ignorant change to Paypal only has hurt my business. I do sell to alot of farmers, old timers, and the like. Lots of people simply refuse to use Paypal, and want to use money orders.

I bet I am only selling 1/3 of what I did just a few months ago.

I am looking forward, and hoping to forge ahead with some new offerings, albeit an expensive investment, especially when income is down.

Anyone else?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't list near as much as I used to because the increased listing / selling fees cut into my profit so much. I'm not a professional seller - just list stuff I can't use or garden related items. I no longer post clothes because the profits just aren't high enough to fool with. I've been doing it long enough I usually know what is likely to sell and what's not (although sometimes I'm surprised). It's not as profitable for me as it used to be but I too am thankful for the outlet.
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