White-Muscle Disease--Questions

Discussion in 'Goats' started by farmmaid, Jul 17, 2004.

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    Jan 12, 2003
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    We have had a learning week on the farm. Had a 8 week old Boer buckling that weights 38 lbs. He had his CD/T shots and has been wormed. Wednesday I noticed he was not "just right", Thursday he was a little stiff in his back end and Friday he was barely walking and in pain. Took him to the vet yesterday and she confirmed my fear..White Muscle Disease. Our area is selenium deficient but his grain and salt lick have selenium in them...not enough! He grew so fast, was big at birth etc. So, after 1cc of selenium and vitamin E yesterday and another dose today, he is up walking but a LITTLE stiff yet. Have also noticed he has a small head tilt and a LITTLE wobbly yet. Questions: It has only been a day but do they recover 100%? If not, can you butcher (meet OK to eat) them after the withdrawel meds time if they do not seem to be 100%? We are giving all kids tomorrow a 1cc shot as a preventive. What do you do for your kids to prevent this, what age, how much selenium, how often? THANK YOU...Joan :rolleyes:
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    While I have not yet had a problem (we are nowhere near deficient here in Iowa, but I'm still paranoid and keep my eyes open to potential problems) I know that some people give a Bo Se shot while the kids are fairly young (a couple weeks, I think?). You can keep out loose minerals and salt. even if the sal lick has selenium in it, a lick doesn't necessarily allow them to get enough of it in their systems, while loose minerals and loose salt will. And the loose minerals will also give them the copper that they need, something I'm sure a lick won't have enough of.

    I use Hoegger's goat minerals, but I think I've read that some people just use loose cattle minerals form their feed store. Make sure that it contains selenium and copper...hopefully someone else can give yo uthe right proportions because my brain is drawing a blank right now! And tell your feed people that it *isn't* for sheep... :rolleyes: Mine can't seem to get it through their heads that goats are different than sheep...and I have both!

    Good luck!

    (not sure about the meat or recovery...sorry!)

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    i think selenium needs to be about 3 parts per million if i remember right. my feed has that much and so does my loose minerals. we're deficiant here to. also you can buy selinium powder and topdress as i do at times. hoeggers has it. i also use golden blend goat minerals.
  4. It takes more than a day to recover, but it is good you see a change so fast. I would also get some thiamine in him, which you have to get from the vet also. Anytime a goat is stressed or sick, it is good to give them B1/Thiamine.