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White mold-like stuff on my apple trees.

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About a month ago I planted 13 new apple trees and now some of them have something that looks like white mold or cotton on some of the sticks. I can't find it in any plant books or anything. Any ideas?
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Cotton? It's not bag caterpillars, is it?
Look a little closer for little green bugs, it's probably aphids.
Hit them with a dishsoap and water mix, then blast em off with the hose.

It's definitely not bugs. I have looked at it very closely and handled it.
I dont have my books but I think mwhat you are seeing is a type of scale called cottony cushion.
Try Oil-Away. It takes care of scale and small bugs by smothering them. You can get it through .
I had that on my prickley pear cactus last year and some of my rose cuttings have it this year. If you "sneak up" on it and grab the largest clump of "cotton", you may see something jump off. I don't know what bug it is, but I used insecticidal soap the get rid of it. I have also been quick enough to squish the "bug" and I just wiped off the "cotton".
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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