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Poor tomatoes. Really bad, indistinct picture. I'd tell him what the problem is but he has me on "ignore" and won't read my posts.

Maybe somebody else can copy this remedy and post it for him.

Answer - it looks like you have insects and insect eggs and mold on the leaves and it looks like you're giving the plants too much water and not enough light, warmth and air circulation. Spread them apart more so they aren't crowded.

For a quick remedy for the bugs and mold, drench the foliage of the plants on all sides of the leaves and stems with very soapy water using a mixture of ordinary dishwashing liquid soap and tepid water sprayed on with a spray bottle. Saturate the plants and allow to drip dry. Repeat with the same treatment the next day after and then 24 hours after that you can rinse off any dead bugs and eggs and soapy residue from the leaves with tepid water.

Thanks. I sprayed them a couple of times earlier this week. It may have stopped whatever it is from spreading, but I don't see any recovery in the leaves that have been damaged. I am going to get some Neem spray and see if that helps.

The tomato plants are in my front south facing picture window with an additional grow light. Because of the heat from the sun and electric heat, it takes a lot of water to keep the plants from drying out. They are in grow bags in plastic growing trays and I try to keep the trays from drying out.

All the plants were doing great until a week or 2 ago when I noticed some leaves were developing spots and wilting. I also have 1 pepper plant that is fine.

That exchange is truly epic.
You thoroughly got bit in the ass by your self-importance, there, Comrade Paumon.

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