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Which would you pick

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I was sitting here thinking today about jobs.

Which would you pick for a job if had too.

Would it be a cook for a school system?
A person that goes to clean people houses?

I'm thinking of later maybe seeing if any schools needs anyone to help them in kitchen. I've cleaned lots of people houses but not sure which job be the best for pay. I do love to cook an I do lots of churches foods an just got asked yesterday by another church member would I bake some cakes for the bake sale that will be going to happen soon. One member loved my KY Lemon Pound cake an I was asked to make a few of them for a bake sale. Going to be busy soon. But love it As it will be helping lots of the low income families out later after the bake sale. :goodjob:
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you can make more money cleaning houses(if you do it right), but you can get health insurance with the school job.
Good point, wyld thang. I didn't even think of those when debating what to reply.

My mind ran more along the lines of "I hate to clean, but I love to cook. However, cooking for the school might frustrate me because of serving all the processed stuff they use."

So I'm not sure which would be the lesser of two evils, lol.
Ive worked for government. Im too belligerent to do it again. Id rather live a hunter gatherer lifestyle first. Even the thought of it nauseates me.
Have you thought about selling your cakes, perhaps doing wedding cakes and so forth. Or a space at the Farmers Market. Try to do what you love... I'd clean houses as it would be a more schedule friendly job.
Hum that is a idea.

I've got a few friends that runs a farmers market. That a idea there.

You all are right about school cooking it might would get on a person nerves. I do love to bake but after thinking more about working for a school system um that might not be a good idea as have to be at work at 4 am of the morning an my kids wouldn't have anyone to take care of them until the bus ran. Gosh I wasn't thinking of the other things to consider. Glad I can ask you all questions an sometimes you all wake me up on stuff.

Maybe you could do both the school cooking and the farmer's market? I'm thinking they run on different schedules. That one if one doesn't pan out (excuse the pun) you have another to fall back on.
I'd rather cook for a large institution than work for a single person. Reason being, the person is going to nit pick. Lol
But, I doubt any schools will be hiring. Around here they just cut a lot of staff due to a "budget crisis". Our great state, that collects the tax money to distributed to the schools, is broke and not sending the school districts their money.
There is alot of heavy lifting in the cafeteria at school.....heavy pots full of food you have to lift and take to heating areas, heavy pots to wash, and also alot of heavy mopping to do....I would rather clean friend works for cash only and does really well.....she gets $10 an hour. At the school I worked at, you had to buy your own insurance, and it runs several hundred dollars a month, altho they state they also pay some on it......
School system IF you can get the work. Not many hiring or retiring. Those jobs are hard to come by usually. Ask me how I know. You do work HARD for the money though but if you get a team of workers that work together and help each other it is not bad. I have done both. i don't mind cleaning but I tend to be really really picky about the quality of work I do so I really over clean and it doesn't work out for what you get paid.
I would probably do the cleaning thing - even though it is probably my least favorite chore. You would be your own boss and could schedule your own hours. You would also be paid more per hour if you are good and efficient.

As far as Farmer's Markets and your baking - be sure to check the regulations. Here in OK you have to have a commercial kitchen (or the use of one - churches, boy scout camps and a few VFWs will hire out their kitchens) if you want to sell prepared goods.

I would pick cooking at school I guess because I use to do that. I loved it. This was back in the '80s. We didn't cook everything from processed food. When we made mac and cheese, we used the gov. cheese and real butter. Talk about good. We would also cook pinto beans from dried beans. We did serve pizza and hot dogs once in a while.
I would pick the school cook job simply because a homeowner might claim you stole something and it would ruin your entire life knowing you hadn't but could do nothing to prove it.
I do house cleaning now for certain people. I don't do lots of it yet as lots of people around here can't afford to have anyone to clean their house. I'm very thankful that I've got a job due to it's very hard to find work. My husband has to be out of town to work. Its really hard to find work. Our school system is going to be having some people retiring soon so there will be some job opens. I was asked a year back about maybe helping the teachers but at that time I turned down the offer.

I do enjoy doing the house work but with only 5 houses need more work later as things are getting higher in price an the schools are always asking for more money for things. So it takes a lot of income these days to make it. That was one reason of thinking of getting another job.

Someone had mention about the cafeteria work how hard it is. I do agree it's a very hard job as years ago I use to work in a school cafeteria for a little while but then changed jobs then later started a family. So I changed jobs to be easier then later the place I worked closed down so no more work. I miss my place I used to work at but when they closed down everyone lost work. That made me really sad.
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I would think the cafeteria job would be more stable. Being self-employed does not always guarantee an income. If you did cafeteria work you could do the farmer markets in the summer to suppliment the lack of income in the summer time. Are there any colleges or prisons around? They may also be looking for food service people and at a prison it would be a all year job and pay better wages / benefits.
I sub at a school here in the kitchen....LOVE IT! Our day dont start til 7 and we are off at 130...I got lucky tho, the Kitchen Team is a wonderful one to work with!

I have also worked in the kitchen at a Human developement Center, Loved that job too, but it was a alot harder than working at the school...
Something to think about is: How social are you? If you enjoy being around adults and children for long periods of time, then the school cook position might be the right choice. If you prefer more solitude and want a job where you can get your work done on your own, then the cleaning job would be the way to go.

I would take house cleaning. Your income potential is unlimited. Word of mouth via a stellar job could lead to more jobs. There is growth potential.

Cooking in a school? No way I could serve those kids the garbage they call food, and sleep at night!
That's an easy one, get on with the school district if you can, in any capacity and work your way into the kitchen if that is what you want to do. At least around here, school district jobs are much coveted. Halfway decent pay, regular hours with weekends off for most of the positions, excellent benefit packages, nearly impossible to get fired, and the levies and bonds always pass.

Even the night and weekend janitor jobs get hundreds of applicants when they open up.
take a paper and make a list of pros and cons..weigh it out and then let your gut decide what feels right for you
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