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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Idahoe, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Feb 4, 2006
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    A two year old LaMancha doe I have has suddenly developed a larger udder and dilated teats . . . I mean within the last day or so. Her kids are part of the herd, and I *thought* she weaned them along with the other does at least a month ago. Haven't seen them nursing at all in that time, and her udder was small and slack last time I remember it.

    She is the one I'm having trouble breeding. I have a Nigie buck who can't reach without assistance, and she is a little taller than the other does, so ???

    There is NO CHANCE she was bred earlier being that I have never had a buck until December 4th. She has no belly, and her udder/teats are soft and warm. I didn't express her.

    Her next heat cycle should be around the 16th of January. The buck was interested in her, and she in him the previous cycle, but I couldn't get him to do his thing at least while I was there 'assisting'. He uses the stanchion with a 4" platform to give him some lift. It is unlikely he bred her without my help, but never say never. She was in heat when I brought the buck home, and he may have bred her then (December 4), but I was so new at doing this I wasn't sure if he actually did.

    Any ideas? Could she just now be weaning the kids and is a bit engorged?

    How early do does 'bag up' in their pregnancy? I certainly exploded out of my B cup within a month of conceiving my own children :D .
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    Well, my does usually start developing an udder a month and a half before kidding. that is, you can see a difference in the udder. At about a month before it starts to fill and look bigger.Then the day before they kid, thier udder gets huge!

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    My does usually wean their kids shortly after they are bred. There is the chance that her kids were nursing and that she is now bred and weaning them. I'd milk her and see what you get. It's important you check to see if she is developing mastitis.