Which holds heat longer? Fire bricks or sandstone? dutch oven cooking

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  1. I just found plans to make a "Bean hole" for dutch oven cooking. Calls for digging a hole in the ground bigger around then a 55 gallon drum barrel and then line with fire bricks around the 55 gallon drum barrel that will be cut in half and placed in the ground. So I'm wondering if the firebricks hold heat longer then sandstone as I can drive around and collect sandstone for free.

    For those interested in cooking beans this way what you do is build a fire in the bean hole and let it burn down to coals. Then remove part of the coals and place your dutch oven with beans in the hole and cover with the rest of the coals. Place the drum lid on top of the hole and then cover with dirt. Do this early in the morning and then walk off to your hunting/fishing venture or shopping mall and when you get back home/camp you have a pot of beans ready to eat.
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    Firebrick won't hold the heat any better than your free sandstone. There may be a slight difference, but not worth the amt you'd pay for the brick IMHO.

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    Your sandstone would quite rapidly break down to plain old sand, once you put a fire in contact with it and go through a few expand/contract cycles. Also, the cementing agent in sandstone is often calcium-based and will break down when exposed to heat.
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    and sand will hold the heat just fine, ever walked on a beach on a sunny day .

    my concern was more about the actual bean cooking,
    yu better make sure the beans are soaked and theres plenty of water in the pot !!
    otherwsie youll come back to hard little cooked pebbles
  5. Sandstone will break down! A lot of people around here make fireplaces and chimneys with sandstone. Oh well, I don't think the bean hole will be something that would last forever as I figure the barrel that I place in the ground will probably rust away in a few years.