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  1. I am such a newbie at all this homesteading stuff, as me and mine moved to our holding a year ago and are building everything from the ground up. Yeah, we got our chickens, which by the way arent laying or I cant find their eggs...and we are buying local raw milk from a friend/neighbor down the road. Thus my question. She skims some of the cream off thetop, so when I get my jars of milk there is between 2 to 4 inches of cream . When I shake up the milk, sometimes it still seems a bit watery ( to the eye). I do pay for this milk, and it tastes great, but should I be getting more cream for my money, or is this common procedure?
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    Is there several inches of cream on it AFTER she skims it and you get it home? I was a little bit confused. It would be a bit less creamy, or "watery" if it has been skimmed already when you get it. But if it has all that cream on it and you then shake it up, I don't understand how it could be watery. I guess it is the kind of thing one would have to see. Or perhaps you could give more detail.

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    I have a question along this same line....I apologize if this should be in a different thread. We plan to skim the cream off of our fresh milk once we get our cow for use in buttermaking, ice cream, coffee, etc. My question is, how "rich tasting" is the milk that is left after the cream has risen to the top and been skimmed off? We are now drinking "whole milk" from the store, and occasionally 2 percent. We really prefer the "whole milk" flavor and do not like store-bought skim milk at all. Can anyone give me an idea of what the "skimmed" fresh milk will compare to in richness and flavor? Thanks.
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    If they are milking Holsteins there will be less butterfat,so the milk will seem watery.

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    Milk that has not been homoginized will seem watery, even with lots of cream in it. It just looks different. Like Rockpile said, if they are Holsteins, you probably won't have more than 2 inches of cream on a gallon of milk. Bit if they are Jerseys, there should be at least 4 inches.
    After the cream is skimmed off, you will have skim milk. Not especially tasty for drinking.
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    Skimmed raw milk will taste better than boughten skimmed milk because it don't have dried milk and water added to it.