Where to find used tractor parts

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by mary,tx, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Dec 4, 2002
    I need to find a reliable source for old tractor parts. I'm looking for a part that I don't know the name so it would be hard to do a search not knowing what it is called.

    I have an old Ford 800 tractor I just purchased. [Hurray, I finally got a tractor. :dance: Not much to look at, but I always knew that "There's no telling what I could do if I had me a tractor."]. It also came with an old shredder and a drive shaft to (almost) connect the two.

    The tractor has a 6 spline PTO shaft. Some of you may know that there are two sizes of shafts, this is the larger shaft (I think 1-3/8"??). Usually a shreader will have a smooth shaft with a shear pin that will break if you hit something solid to protect the gear box. However, the gear box on this shreader has a 6 spline shaft just like the tractor. Unfortunately, the drive shaft I have has the yoke for the smooth shaft. I am looking for the part that connects the drive shaft to the shredder. It would have six splines on the inside to slip over the splined gearbox shaft and smooth on the outside for the drive shaft with a hole for the shear pin (grade 2 bolt).

    What is this thing called or where should I call to look for one? Most tractor houses here sell new parts and specialize in certain brands (Deere, or Massey, or Case, etc.) and sell new parts. I am looking for parts for old equipment and would rather buy a low cost used part rather than the high-dollar part for large-scale farmers. Yes, I did try Tractor Supply and looked through their parts and did not find what I needed. They did have a drive shaft with the splines on both ends, but that was for tillers, etc. and I need something with a shear pin that would break away in case I hit something like a stump or old pipe, etc.

    Dale (DH of Mary, TX)
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    May 9, 2002

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    May 25, 2004
    My DH said that there used to be (he doesn't know if it's still there) a place at Blossom, Tx. that had a huge inventory of used tractor parts. It was a tractor wrecking yard. There was also a place at Winnsboro that sold parts for old Ford tractors, but I think they were new parts.
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    Jan 20, 2004
    Let me see if I understand. You have a tractor with the typical 1 3/8" 6spline pto, and you have a um, like a brush hog rough mower. The mower also has a 6 spline pto stub coming out of it.

    Between the 2, you need a pto shaft. You have one (did it come with the mower????) but it has the quick-couple on the tractor end to connect there, and it has a smooth yoke with a hole in it on the other end.

    you are looking for a way to connect the splined shaft from the mower to the smooth yoke of the pto shaft?

    To me, it sounds like you are missing a pto slip clutch that would go in there. It protects the tractor & mower (if you don't let it rust up tight) from shock loads that wouls break something.

    I would be looking for a slip clutch with those 2 ends on it. Won't find it on the shelf just anywhere perhaps, but you could start with the mower manufaturer - what brand is it? I would not want to leave out a slip clutch if one belonged there, & replace it with just a shaft....

    So, what model of Ford did you get, 840 (4 speed), 850 (5 speed), 860 (5 speed with live pto), or ???? If you do not have live pto & you have a good sized brush hog, you also need an Over Running Coupler to keep the mower from pushing you into a tree or building or over a cliff when you push in the clutch. An ORC is like a socket set ratchet, lets the mower spin down without turning your rear wheels...

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    Dec 22, 2003
    I don't know what part of Texas you're from, but on the north side of Tyler, TX there's a place called Christian's Tractor. It's on State Park Hwy. I believe that's Hwy 14. Their number is 903-597-3170. They have a lot of used parts and can order new parts.
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    May 14, 2002
    I don't know what part of Texas you're in, but there is a place up near McKinney (N. of Dallas) that specializes in old Ford tractor parts. You might want to ask at Yesterdaystractors.com. There's plenty of old Ford advice there.